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Мечты сбываются!
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Анисковец Екатерина Андреевна
Хочу связать свою жизнь со спортивным менеджментом.
Уварова Нина Сергеевна
Менеджер по рекламе48/19632
Обучая обучаться. Меняя жизнь, помогать другим.
Анна Монахова
Я магистр педагогики. Моя специализация это психологическое сопровождение образования лиц с проблемами в развитии. Хочу пройти обучение, расширяющее мой профессиональный кругозор.
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Участники конкурса грантов на обучение "Мечты сбываются!"

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Тихонова Анна Юрьевна
Обучение в университете Sciences Po Франция
0/0 человек/голосов
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Зачем мне грант на образование
Since my youth I have been thrilled by the constantly developing world, craving to understand its complex but fairly interesting impact on each of us. I am lucky to have traveled a lot,visiting more than twenty countries, which not only broadened my mind but also helped me understand that cooperation between states in the international arena is the main force behind the development of the major powers of the modern world, and this very realization contributes to my commitment to studying international relations and political science. My school years should be with no doubt described as both fruitful and captivating. I have always been among a few class and school leaders helping organize various discussion clubs and educating entertainment programs, which improved my personal qualities such as teamwork, responsibility and creativity. I was also engrossed in various academic competitions demonstrating my high achievements in the spectrum of subjects ranging from Biology to History. However, during my last three years of high school I had an opportunity to take part in several Model UN simulation conferences which allowed me to comprehend the mechanisms of international organizations and predetermined my choice of the Undergraduate program. Although my first participation in MGIMO Model was extremely difficult as I was the youngest ever participant of the Security Council, which was even noted in the local press, it fostered my communication and debating skills and played the utmost role in my passion for international affairs, enhancing my further pursuits. Thus I have no doubts that studying at Science Po would provide me with a chance to develop further my qualifications that I have already obtained. I also have gained valuable research experience while doing projects on topical issues, such as funding of small Russian cities. In the case study of the Mishkin city I analyzed the unique crafts and traditions of this town as well as the role it plays in tourism. Other research projects included the Holocaust history in the concept of Auschwitz and the role of the international community in tolerance propaganda throughout law, literature, cinema and various associations; analysis of the positions of the North and the South on labor and country’s development during the Civil War. For these projects, one of which took almost two years to collect necessary material, I was rewarded three grants of Prefecture, the local government of the Moscow Central District, two of which consisted of educational trips. Having made these trips I was able to establish valuable contacts, attend several meetings with the local authorities, gain new knowledge, develop analytical skills and once again realize that, as D. Eisenhower said, ‘The world must learn to work together, or finally it will not work at all’. My academic achievements are paired with a multitude of extracurricular activities and hobbies which have helped me shape my attitude towards life, be open-minded and concerned with cultural peculiarities of different countries. Therefore I would be delighted to establish a Russian Club at Sciences Po to struggle with ingrained stereotypes throughout performing plays of Russian writers, raising interest to Russian literature, music and theatre and organizing hospitable parties with opportunity for everyone to taste our traditional food. My dream is to contribute all my efforts to Russia’s national development in a favorable international environment in which development and peace will be the key principles of the international community. That is why upon graduation from this unique program, I intend to pursue a diplomatic career in Russia. Social and economic development of Russia requires close cooperation with the international community. Due to the increasingly important role of Russia in the international arena, it is essential to understand the prevailing international tendencies and to make full use of diplomatic resources. The USA and the EU can be defined as two leading forces in the world and the way of establishing constructive dialog with them is a burning issue Russia is now facing. I believe that by studying the latest developments of those two forces and their both antagonistic and cooperative relations Russia will be able to gain profound diplomatic experience. I am sure Sciences Po will help me in enriching my knowledge in political science, history and economics, let me closely follow the latest developments in the international arena, allow me to have more diverse and globally-oriented views which I could apply in my diplomatic work. If my high school program has covered a solely Russian perspective on the international political processes, a degree from the Reims campus of Sciences Po, the combination of European and American schools of thought, could widen my scope regarding world political processes and Russia\\\\\\\"s role in them. Thus the program in Reims is an ideal direction in which to pursue my studies, eventually raising my area of expertise to the level necessary for a professional in all mentioned fields. What makes Institute of Political Studies so attractive to me is its flexible programs and dedication to social sciences as it is recognized as one of the world’s leading institutions in this area. Doing an undergraduate course at Sciences Po will enable me to attend an extensive program of events attracting leading politicians and economists from all over the globe. Paris Institute of Political Studies is notable for its most prominent alumni. I was amazed to learn that such legendary politicians as Jacque Chirac and Pierre Trudeau studied at Science Po, as well as several senior UN officials, numerous Ministers and diplomats from all over the world. And I have no doubt that all these politicians greatly benefited from their studies at Science Po by obtaining highly valuable qualifications and bringing up their professional spirit in the unique atmosphere of this university. This and all of the above makes me absolutely convinced that I will benefit immensely from studying at Science Po, and obtaining a degree from the world’s top-tier university, and in the future I hope to make them proud by becoming one of a new generation of aspiring world politicians.
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